Failure into Opportunity 

" Failure! To own, deny or quickly turn it into an opportunity? 

This is the question! "

​Biliana Vassileva

The utmost opportunity failure offers us it to own it, learn from it and turn it into an opportunity to try again. The more we try, the faster we learn. The faster we learn,  the sooner we succeed.  

The Swiss Failure+ Akademy strives to:

  • promote failure as a constituent part, interrelated to success, in the eco-system of "getting things done"
  • promote learning from failure
  • design and promote practical tools to learn from and manage failure, based on the latest scientific research
  • support individual and organisational cultures to create an appreciation for failure
  • support individual and organisational cultures to sustain an appreciation for failure

In brief, we help you discover:

What can you, uniquely, learn from failure that will help you

do what you and the world of tomorrow needs?