In his book "The Confidence Gap: A Guide To Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt"  Dr. Russ Harris presents a mindset known as psychological flexibility. It enables you to respond effectively to fear, anxiety and self-doubt.  

Wondering if this workshop is for you? Consider:

Does your mind give you all sorts of reasons why you should not do what matters? Do you hear the voice inside your head whispering: “It is too hard”, “I am too busy”, “I am not in the mood right now”, “I’ve got no motivation” or
 “I am too tired”?

These are perfectly normal thoughts that all human beings have at times, yet what makes the real difference is how we respond to them.

By joining “The Confidence Gap” workshop, you will learn a new way to respond to them; a way to take all the power out of them, so no matter how negative the stuff in your head is, you can still take action to do what truly matters to you.


In her latest book Annie McKee  points to three common and destructive mindsets that ruin your carrier satisfaction.
Curious to find out what they are while being with your own tribe?
Eager to learn strategies how to break out?

Come, and join the March edition of Hear I Go - the support network to become aware of, and positively engage with the enemy within - self-sabotage.

Self-saboteurs of all levels are welcomed.


Hear I Go is a support network for individuals who want to work with the enemy within - self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage or getting in your own way does not seem to have a lot in common with self-compassion. But what if it had? What would that be? And, what can we do about it?

By joining this workshop you will foster your self-compassion in times of self-sabotage, by learning:
• How are self-sabotage and self-compassion related
• How self-compassionate you are
• What can you do to keep your heart open to yourselves, so that you can have more energy available to give to others


Impact Track - a tool designed to support social entrepreneurs make their impact more visible.
This Thursday (February 8) we will have a prototyping session with potential users to capture their perception and feedback.
If you are involved in a social venture and want to learn about impact measurement and contribute to the development of this new tool, join this session!

We all get in our own way occasionally, yet some of us do it repeatedly; whether it’s procrastinating, overthinking or overeating. Self-sabotaging behavior results from a misguided attempt to rescue ourselves from our own negative feelings.

Using an experiential approach, this workshop will help you discover how to:

Reframe your failures

Analyse them
Move forward in an energizing and efficient manner